Sunday, 25 November 2007

Choca ver a este pueblo tan dispuesto a asaltar sedes electorales en las jornadas de reflexión, a convertir en teas sublimes las chabacanas fiestas populares o a batirse en centenares de miles por la paz en Irak (aunque fuese más bien por la guerra contra Aznar), choca, digo, este ovino silencio proyectado sobre tantas clamorosas pruebas de incompetencia y degeneración. Puede ser, desde luego, que sólo las ideas muevan el mundo: uno sale a la calle a gritar por la paz y no por los trenes de cercanías.

A., El Mundo (24/11/2007)

The contrast of the society's behaviour depending who governs is something that I wonder about too.

Love and freedom.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Spanish "volatile left" electorate

El objetivo principal de una campaña electoral, de cualquier campaña electoral, en España debe ser para el PP que no vayan a votar los que le detestan y para el PSOE que acudan a las urnas los que le desprecian. ¿Son consistentes sus estrategias electorales con estos principios?

Cesar Molina, El Pais (11/11/2007)

I roughly agree with this article by Cesar Molina. My question is: why this "volatile left" is still left?

Monday, 19 November 2007

Bastards in PSE-PSOE

The analysis shown in the document by the Police underlines the reasons why the [terrorist group] ETA, apparently, does not want to produce deaths with its blasts: "The only hope of the terrorist band is that the PSOE wins the elections, after which they have chances to reach a ceasefire achieving most of their objectives and the release of the prisoners"

El análisis reflejado en el documento policial subraya los motivos por los que ETA, aparentemente, no quiere causar muertos con sus atentados: "Ya que la única esperanza de la banda es que el PSOE gane las elecciones, tras las cuales tienen posibilidades de llegar a un alto el fuego consiguiendo buena parte de sus objetivos y la liberación de los presos".

Antonio Rubio, El (19/11/2007)

Even the terrorists know it: Prime Minister Rodríguez Zapatero and Jesús Eguiguren, you are just a couple of cows, bastards and liars.

(Para que todos los que sólo hablan español se enteren: Incluso los terroristas lo saben: Presidente Rodríguez Zapatero y Jesús Eguiguren, sólo sois un par de cobardes, bastardos y mentirosos.)

Yeah, I know that I am insulting and not argumenting, but honestly, what do you expect from me when they are plotting with terrorists and selling our fellow countrymen? Do you expect me to even have to reason my deep outrage? I spit on them.

And don't tell me that the police information might not be true. The police are not silly. And the PSE-PSOE have met the terrorist band ETA many times before, even at the same time they said they were not doing it.

How on Earth can PSE and PSOE still be thinking that the terrorist group ETA should not be beaten, but welcomed by giving them all they wanted to achieve by murdering? I can't believe that there are still people who vote PSE-PSOE. Disgusting.

Love and freedom.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Scared to death. An inconvenient truth: the Earth might not be warming up.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Decalogue of Bullfighting

I take the leave to translate into the English the following post from the blog De España hasta los cantares, written by a well-known, beloved teacher.

In Seville, October the 24th, 2007, the playwriter Albert Boadella, along with the bullfighter Enrique Ponce, delivered a conference on bullfighting, wherein he defined his Decalogue of Bullfighting.

1. Bullfighting has no creator.
2. Bullfighting is a metaphor for life (all that is alive is present in bullfighting).
3. Bullfighting is not a show, it is a ritual.
4. Bullfighting is poetry (beauty is created by using a bare cloth).
5. Bullfighting is ephemeral (it disappears as soon as it is produced).
6. Bullfighting is not looking for modernity, it is always classic.
7. In bullfighting, merit and effort are rewarded (unlike in the LOGSE).
8. The world of bulls reveres Nature (bull-farming respects the environment).
9. Bullfighting is people's art.
10. Bullfighting has got anti-bullfighting people (every art needs detractors to keep alive; anti-taurinos should be subsidised).

Saturday, 3 November 2007

King of Spain's visit to Ceuta and Melilla

The King of Spain to the Spanish cities in Africa, Ceuta and Melilla. It was high time for this. He should have gone 30 years ago.

The theocratic dictator Mohammed VI of Morocco has described the visit as regrettable.

Morocco is in war with Spain. Spaniards don't realise that, should they keep ignoring this fact and opposing no resistance, Moroccan troops will one day be beheading uncovered heads and selling women in Toledo and Tarragona.

The terrorist attacks of Casablanca and Madrid are just another episode of this silenced, forgotten war. As many other neighbouring countries, Spain and the different states occupying Africa’s North West coast have had a long history of conflicts, ever since the province of Mauritania Tingitana was incorporated into the Diocesis Hispaniorum in AD69.

Leaving aside old wars, recent battles include the War of 1859 in Tetouan, the Rif Wars in Melilla (1893 and 1909), Ifni in 1957, and the invasion of Western Sahara in 1975. All these wars were won by Morocco due to Spain’s financial and political weakness.

Morocco considers that Ceuta and Melilla is the next battlefield. Morocco won’t stop in Ceuta and Melilla, anyway; it will demand the Canary Islands as well as any other smaller islands surrounding the African coast.

Mohammed VI is an absolutist king (like many other previous sultans, of course including his father, Hassan II). He is not bothered with the poor situation of his subjects; he boasts Moroccan nationalism with expansionist speeches in order to sidetrack domestic oposition. Mohammed VI will use any possible methods to conquer Spain’s places of sovereignty. He can use "peaceful" demostrations, co-ordinated assaults to Spanish borders, or outright violence.

Spain should defend its places of sovereignty, which include, but are not limited to, Ceuta, Melilla, Islas Chafarinas, Penon de Alhucemas, Penon de Velez de la Gomera, Isla Perejil and Isla de Alboran. Spain should act as the United Kingdom did in the Falklands War if it were necessary.

Spain's constitutional monarchy produces a far better life for Spaniards than the theocratic dictatorship (officially another constitutional monarchy) does for Moroccans. Should Spain's places fall under the power of the King of Morocco, their situation would worsen dramatically. Therefore, Spaniards and Spain shall win this war to preserve the

Love and freedom.

Another instance of PSOE's moronic progres

The organisation of Spain into Comunidades Autonomas have achieved the multiplication of the bureaucracy expenditure and the number of ignorant politicians.

Please suffer this embarrasing speech from the Parliament of the Comunidad de Aragon. Please watch it till the end, it's as hilarious as ludicrous. No surprise that the illiterate deliverer was another witless progre from the PSOE, but it is a shame that she was the spokesman for Education (when she can't even talk!!). Poor Aragon people!

This is the result of the dysfunctional power structures in Spain, the lowering quality of Education, and the gender quota policy. We should change this.

Love and freedom.