Thursday, 16 August 2007

August in Spain

Good afternoon from Navas.

Apologies for the long time with no posts in this blog. The load of news one could talk about is endless, but time is scarce.

At the minute I write from one of my grandparents' villages in Extremadura, in the middle of Spain, where I spend my holidays. Here access to the internet can hardly be found, although now I am taking advantage of a Telecentre facility subsided by the Junta de Extremadura. As it grants the money, this government sets the rules for the Telecentres, which are obeyed with no objections. For example, each person is only allowed 90 minutes of internet connection, even if no one else is waiting to use the computers. That's why there are five out of 8 computers switched off and children who were playing with them have been kicked out by the Telecentro assistant.

This blind following of leaders and the subsided functioning of virtually everything are some of the traits of Socialist-style regions, as this one is. The same way that Franco dictated Spain's trajectory for less than 40 years, the Socialist Party have colonised every aspect of the peoples living in Extremadura and Andalucia for already 24 and 28 years, respectively.

The situation with the neo-Communists is even worse in other regions of Spain and countries of the world. Just yesterday the great, never-misled Hugo Chavez proposed some
reforms to Venezuela's Constitution delivering a living lesson on how to dump a nation into a dictatorship with the applause of all progres of the world.