Saturday, 4 December 2010

Where is home?

My opinion about where home is located is the following:

Should, at some point in your life, the location where the person who you want to live and found a family with lives coincide geographically with the location where you have a job which you are interested in pursuing long-term, then you are bound to remain at that place, even though you may not have thought about it before. In other words:

(family/partner + interesting job) at some location = that location is your home

...even if it's in the Patagonia.

Until that point in your life, home is usually located where the family of which you are offspring is found.

Love and Freedom.


Mi opinión sobre dónde está tu hogar es el siguiente:

Si en un momento de tu vida el lugar donde vive la persona con la que quieres vivir y fundar una familia coincide geográficamente con el lugar donde tienes un trabajo que te interesa proseguir a largo plazo, en ese sitio acabas quedándote, aunque nunca se te hubiera ocurrido antes. Es decir:

(familia/pareja + trabajo interesante) en cierto lugar = ese lugar es tu casa

... aunque sea en la Patagonia.

Hasta ese momento tu hogar suele localizarse donde se encuentre la familia de la que eres prole.

Amor y Libertad.