Monday, 27 April 2009

City AM editor's reply to my letter

Allister Heath, editor of London morning paper City A.M., replied to the letter I emailed him on 26 March 2009 regarding the denationalisation of money.

To: Borjabrela
Date: 3 April 2009 19:22
Subject: RE: Comment to "Time running out for dollar dominance"

I am very familiar with Hayek’s IEA book. However, I much prefer the monetary alternative outlined in (for example)
The best explanation of the modern Austrian credit cycle theory is probably contained in
What I was trying to do was see whether SDRs could be turned into an alternative, sounder regime as a first step towards reform.
Thanks for reading City A.M.

Best wishes

I am very pleased with his reply. I have already ordered Roger Garrison's "Time and Money. The Macroeconomics of Capital Structure" via Amazon.

Love and freedom.

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