Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Enneges Enneco Eneco Ennecho Enecho Enechot Ennecot Enecot Enecco Eneko Enecone Ennecus Enequo Nequo Enego Ennego Eynnego Onneko Genneko Genneco Jenneco Jenneko Jenego Yenego Yennego Yeneguo Yniego Ynigo Hyniego Ynego Yenigo Ienego Iennego Ieneqo Íñigo

My brother's second name acutely reflects the varied, mixed and rich history of Spain. From the Basque to the Spanish, through Latin and dialects of the Castilian and other Spanish languages, the Spanish people have been blessed with speaking and living on this blissful, earthy eden that is Spain.

Love and freedom.

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