Thursday, 17 January 2008

Finished Nicholas

I actually finished Charles Dicken's Nicholas Nickleby on the 15th of January 2008, though I include it among the books I read in 2007. I hope you can forgive me this little treat. I started it in September, have read 3 books in the meantime and sit a couple of exams. And, hey, it took me less than a year!

It is a good thick classic book, written by one of the best novelists in English (if not the best), though I don't think it is his best book. It suffers from the typical issues of novels published by periodic parts. Master Dickens does not display the highest degree of his originality and skillful description (as he did with the Pickwick Papers or A Tale of Two Cities), does not manage to craft a striking, thrilling plot (lots of loose ends are dealt with in a couple of paragraphs in the last chapter) and, in summary, fails to make this work as splendid as it could have got considering his wonderful knowledge of the English (country, people and language).

But, please do not be misled, this review is negative in comparison to his other books, peaks of the English literature: millions of writers would love to have been the author of such a "mediocre" work as Nicholas Nickleby.

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