Sunday, 10 February 2008

A fair week

I just came back from a country western night at The Phoenix pub in Cavendish Square, London. It's been fun, dancing like lame ducks and yahooing all along.

I went to Sheffield for the first half of the week and worked from home the last two days. Friday evening saw me attending an electric, futuristic ballet show at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and laughing with Shrek 2 over a dish of battered fish and salad.

I finished Northern Lights, first part of the trilogy His Dark Materials, by Philip Pulman. This trilogy follows the steps of Harry Potter in the sense that they are books for children that can be enjoyed inmensely by grown-ups. Its early chapters let down a bit the page-turner tag it has been awarded, but picks up midway and then it threads an exhilarating plot till the end, where Lyra's path brings the reader to eagerly look for the second book.

I don't like this trend of fake history-based books whose main appeal to become bestsellers is lashing on the Catholic Church. The Church nowadays hasn't got the power that it had two hundred years ago and not only it can't censor or punish those writers but isn't able to even defend itself. Hence battering the Church is now a free game, which gains you medals from the progre establishment, but which exposes you to little risk. Those "brave" freedom fighters should have done it 200 years ago or should focus their anti-clerical pulses towards today's dangerous preachers: the islamists.

However, Pulman really presents the children with a philosophical question that redeems the whole story: what if sin was good?

It's late now, I'm going to bed. My dear reader,

Love and freedom.

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