Friday, 8 May 2009

City A.M.'s editor is aware of Huerta's free banking view

I want to share with you the continuation of my correspondence with Allister Heath, editor of London morning paper City A.M., on free banking. The first issues of this correspondence can be read here and here.

From: Borjabrela
To: Allister Heath
Date: 6 May 2009 01:57
Subject: Re: Comment to "Time running out for dollar dominance"

Dear Allister,

Thanks for replying to my email. I did not expect you were going to have even a minute for this humble reader. Much appreciated.

In Spain free-marketeers are fortunately gathering together around associations such as the Austrian-school Juan de Mariana Institute ( to promote the ideas of freedom, individual rights and the free market. (Note: I am member of no association yet).

Spanish free-marketeers like to consider Professor Huerta de Soto's economic cycle theory as the best explanation of the perspective on money, banking, and the law of the Austrian school (beating that one by R. Garrison) and definitely the best explanation of the economic issues. It seems that some people at the Mises Institute agree.

Please find Professor Huerta's main work at:

I am very interested in learning your opinion on Professor Huerta's theory. I believe it very accurate and I think it should be promoted.

Many Thanks and Regards

From: Allister Heath
To: Borjabrela
Date: 6 May 2009 16:11
Subject: Re: Comment to "Time running out for dollar dominance"

The key is whether you support fractional reserve banking but backed by a commodity standard; or whether you want to get rid of fractional reserve banking entirely, as Huerta wants to do. Of the two approaches, I prefer the Garrison-Larry White-George Selgin view.
Best wishes


I have just read that Juan Ramon Rallo (member of Juan de Mariana Institute) has published a Entrevista con Albert Esplugas sobre la banca libre (Interview with Albert Esplugas on free banking, only available in Spanish) in his blog, where he argues against (precisely) the view of Larry White and George Selgin.

Huerta-Rallo v Garrison-White-Selgin: that is a very exciting debate!

Love and freedom.

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