Thursday, 6 March 2008

Comment of a Briton on the 9/3/08 Spanish poll

As a UK Spanish resident for twenty years I have seen a consistent disaster in Spanish economics each time the Socialist party wins power . The figure of Franco is continually used to frighten the modern day Spaniard along with an intent to foster nationalist agreements that only devide the Spanish people. Spain has been sheltered for years from the immigration problems faced by other EU countries who have all learned by their mistakes. Spain is now waking up to this because Zapatero literally "invited" thousands of immigrants to come to Spain trying to escape their terrible situation without EU consent or consideration for the consequences. It is not possible to "please all of the people, all of the time" . Zapatero seems to act before his party rescues/backs him - major companies are thinking twice before investing - many Spanish professionals are finding jobs elsewhere. Foreign investment is essential - although Spain is growing, 4 years more of Zapatero will retard Spain.

Gary M. Lee, Comment to a Timesonline article(07/03/2008)

I fully agree with this comment by a Madrid-based Briton to a Timesonline article on a survey days before the 9th-March Spanish elections.

Love and freedom.

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