Sunday, 9 March 2008

Vote for Sahara, kick PSOE out

The Saharawi people don't want Morocco supporters to win the Spanish elections. I can't believe I have found a post on the very same first reason that sparked my antagonism towards PSOE. PSOE sold their values as soon as it reached the government in 1982. They said that "One hundred years of honesty" backed them (I'd put it in doubt), but definitely when they got the power they thought: "but not a single one year more!".

I would be glad to see that the Saharawi people realised that Spanish left won't help them as PSOE is just a follower of France policy (which defends its colony Morocco) and IU supported RASD while USSR stood (now that the Saharawi cause is of little use in the fight against capitalism, all the support that United Left (IU) provides consists barely of a couple of food-loaded trucks a year).

Spain still is the responsible for the sovereignity and management of Western Sahara. Spain should enforce the referendum for Western Sahara and the Saharawi people should be given the option to resume their union with Spain as Autonomous Region. They are our brothers.

Love and freedom.

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