Monday, 26 May 2008

Blogs on Western Sahara

I have found a series of good blogs in relation to the Western Sahara's conflict.

This conflict is in deadlock for the last decades and far from a fair resolution for the Sahrwis. A new UN envoy, the Dutch diplomat Peter van Walsum, was sent to make the farce (oops, I meant the negotiations) go on, but this Dutch has turned out to be outspoken and expressed clearly his frank opinion:
The moral dilemma is that Polisario is more on the right side than Morocco. But because the Security Council will never force Morocco into a referendum on independence, they actually choose for the status quo.

As Sahara-Watch blog puts it:
In the same interview, a lead UN negotiator [P.van Walsum] simultaneously acknowledges Western Sahara's right to independence and the illegality of Morocco's annexationist move. Only to conclude by suggesting that the Security Council -- in the name of realism! -- should force Western Sahara to accept, for a brief trial period, an illegal occupation. [...] It was a good 3 years, as long as you weren't a Sahrawi.

We Spaniards should work for the rights of our Sahrawi brothers. Down with the Moroccan theocracy.

Love and freedom.

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